50 For 50!

Good morning and happy Saturday boys and girls, I am happy to say, that I am 50 years old and today I have been alcohol-free for 50 days, yes, 50 days. I still can’t use the word sober, because I associate it with someone that will never drink again, and since I’m a human being who is full of fucked up flaws, I can’t say what tomorrow will bring.

Later in the evening, my wife and I are traveling to our daughter’s apartment in The Bronx, because family and friends are gathering for dinner and a good time. There will be drinking going on, but no worries kids, drinking is not in the horizon for me. As a matter of fact, I feel that as the days have turned into weeks, I don’t think about drinking much. I’ve had a couple of stinking thinking along the way, but nothing to be concerned about.

With that said, I am Audi 5000 y’all!

Quality Family Time

OK my homies and homettes, yesterday, my wife and kids made sure that I was busy like a motherfucker the whole day. As a matter of fact, I left home at around 10:00 am and didn’t get back until around 7:30 pm. Don’t get me wrong now, I did enjoy the quality time with my wife and kids to the fullest, and I would never change that for anything in the world.

Another positive that came out of being busy was, that I didn’t have time to think about doing any weekend binge drinking. As a matter of fact, my peeps, I almost forgot to mention, that today is my 44th alcohol-free day… WOO-HOO my motherfuckers! Since I’ve never clicked with AA, my shrink wants me to look for another stupid program, in order to stay “sober”, but to be honest, I’m doing just fine on my own.

With that said… I am Audi 5000 y’all!

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Happy Saturday my homies and homettes, I hope that you enjoy your day to the fullest. But as always, don’t let no madafacker fuck it up for you, no matter what goes down.

As for your majesty??? Today I am happy to say, that I have been alcohol-free for 1 month and 13 days… OK OK OK OK OK, I’ll do the fucking math for you dumb ass preschool dropout madafakas out there! That’s a total of 43 days!… There, are you fucking happy now? Do you want a tooty fruity scented enema to go with that too?

Anyways, I really don’t know what “The Mother Of My Children”, aka “La Jefa”, aka “The Boss”, aka “The Love Of My life”, aka “The Wife”, aka “My Wife” has planned for me today, so right now right now, the only thing on my agenda is, to drive over to The Bronx and do a favor for “my little 29 year old princess”, aka “My Daughter”.

But like I’ve always said, married men can’t make plans… because their better halves are always there to fuck them up for them.

With that said… I am Audi 5000 y’all!

40 Alcohol-Free Days!

OK my homies and homettes, I am happy as fuck this morning, because today is my 40th alcohol-free day. And even though I celebrated my 50th birthday this past Saturday, I didn’t have any alcohol at all. I really don’t know why, but this time around hasn’t been that hard. Maybe, just maybe, every time around gets easier for me, because I pick up a trick or two here and there.

I know that I am no expert in the subject… per say, but the only advice that I can give out is, not to go crazy thinking about what is it going to feel like, when you get to so and so many alcohol-free or clean days. Just keep it simple and take it one day at a time, in my case, since I’m a weekend binge drinker, I take it one weekend at a time.

With that said my homies and homettes, I am Audi 5000!

Feels Fucking Great!

OK my homies and homettes, today marks my 27th alcohol-free day and I’m feeling fucking great, because I’m just one day away from getting drunk and celebrating four alcohol-free weeks. WOO-HOO! OK! OK! OK! OK! OK! My peeps, I might be one crazy ass motherfucker, but I’m not one stupid ass motherfucker, so I’m just fucking with you when I say that I’m getting drunk to celebrate. The reality of it all is, that just like every other day, I’m just going to be chilling like a villain.

My Crazy Busy Weekend

OK my homies and homettes, yesterday was a crazy and hectic day for me, but it was worth it and fun, because I spent the entire day with my better half. The whole day, we were driving around from one store to the next, shopping for different things.

Then after taking a nap for a few hours, we got dressed and went out for dinner, to celebrate that we started dating on October 2nd back in the mid 80’s. Even though I’m not a gambler, but my wife is, after dinner, we drove to The Empire City Casino and got home around 2:00 am. Just to let my loyal 1.5 readers know not to worry, I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol the entire weekend, because I was way too fucking busy to even think about that shit. WOO-HOO!