DOA Around The Block

Good afternoon and happy Monday boys and girls. I know it really sucks getting back to the grind on Monday, but hey… it is what it is. Plus, it pays the bills and keeps the collectors away.

As for me? Yesterday, death was literally around the corner from home. A New Jersey man was found dead in his double-parked car. When my wife and I went outside to investigate, the cops and the ambulance were already at the scene, and had put up the dreaded white sheets to cover the deceased. There was no sign of foul play, so I can only say that it looked like he died of natural causes, but hey, I’m not medical examiner.

What keeps going around my mind, are the many people that worry so much about how they look, what others think or say about them, how much wealth and or fame they have. And then… they just die. That’s the reason why I try to play nice with others, because in the end, nobody makes out alive.

With that said, I’m Audi 5000 y’all!

Fuck Plan B!

OK my homies and homettes, since I had to renew my driver’s license by my birthday… which if you have been putting attention to the past crazy, boring, insane and weird blog posts of mine… is tomorrow, I decided to use my last vacation day today. But as usual, my wife had to throw in a twist to my day off, so we went to buy a toilet at Home depot. But no worries my peeps, I survived to tell another stupid chapter.

To be honest, out of respect to my wife, since she lost her youngest paternal half-sister only a week ago today back in The Dominican Republic, right now, I don’t have any plans to celebrate my 50th birthday tomorrow. I just want to be chilling like a villain and stay home doing shit. But knowing my crazy ass self, shit can turn crazy in a 24-hour period. I’ll see what’s popping by then. I know that YOU… my loyal 1.5 madafakers, don’t give a flying fuck about my stupid life, but I’ll keep you in the loop anyways.

My Condolences To My wife

OK my homies and homettes, the sad news is that last night, my wife lost her youngest paternal half sister, who lived in The Dominican Republic. She was in her 30’s and my wife had never met her, until a couple of years ago. They only got to see each other twice for a couple of days at a time, when we went on vacation to our country, but they had a really good relationship for two sisters who met later in life.

As to my wife of 30+ years… I’m supporting here in every way that I can.